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ORO Bank is the official digital bank of the new Gelephu Mindfulness City Special Administrative Region (SAR) in


Being a small nation makes us a smart nation, this is not out of choice but out of necessity. Technology is an indispensable tool that will be necessary to realize this aspiration

Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
King of Bhutan
Beautiful Bhutanese fortress with intricate details and colorful embellishments

Why ORO Bank

We provide Accounts in Multiple Currencies for Individuals and Businesses from all industries

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At the moment, ORO Bank registration is not available for Bhutanese citizens. We recommend exploring Digital Kidu, a Bhutanese bank where you can easily open an account. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Internet / Fintech
  • Bio-tech / Health-tech
  • AI / Deep Tech
  • Blockchain / Web3
  • ESG Enablers / Climate Tech
  • Content Creators / Influencers
  • Institutional Investors / Investment Funds / Family Office / etc

4 currencies supported


United States Europe United Kingdom Singapore

Coming soon: AUD, HKD and JPY

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Same Day Approval - As fast as 30 sec for Individuals and 3h for Businesses

*Approval time may vary*

  • Supports IDs from 220 + countries and territories.
  • Screens 14,000 + document types (37 languages).
  • Direct check access to government databases for India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, and Argentina (>2B people)
  • 400M + AML fles on companies and UBOs available for KYB via Sumsub.

We conduct Dynamic & Perpetual Compliance

  • Global Compliance Screening

    Screen customers against 1000+ global watchlists and 100+ sanctions lists, incl. OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, etc

  • Comprehensive PEP Screening

    Identify PEPs by checking 7,000+ sources and providing their profiles, including information on family members and close associates

  • Continuous Media Monitoring

    Monitor thousands of media sources for negative mentions and aggregate the data into customer profiles on an ongoing basis

  • AI-Powered AML/CFT Risk Detection

    Harness the power of AI and industry expertise to detect AML/CFT risk and stay compliant with our cutting-edge transaction monitoring solution.

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Easy integration with other ORO Bank accounts, allowing to transfer funds seamlessly between accounts.
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Zero Fees

No account opening or maintenance fees. No minimum balance. No overdraft or returned wires fee. However, we may charge small fees for future investment products or value-added services (3rd party fee may apply).

24/7 Settlements

Instant O-Net transactions and rapid international transfers, all with efficient settlements, ensuring your funds ready at all time.

Banking with peace of mind

Your deposits are always 100% available and never used for lending or investments. This is core to our business proposition, values, and our unwavering commitment to customers and the standard by which we are regulated.

Compliant with Global Guidelines

Our compliance with global guidelines ensures that your money is always handled responsibly and securely, no matter where in the world it goes.

Enjoy the flexibility of multi-currency accounts

Create and transfer between different currency accounts without the hassle of conversion.

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